FALL FROM EVEREST (post-hardcore/electro, Prague, CZ)

Fall From Everest, four misfits from Prague has taken a different approach to electro post-hardcore and threw bits of black, emo and djent into the mix. Their shows are a raw fusion of fury, bitterness and despair in the best sense of the word. Their unrestrained live performance along with urgent sound creates an exciting tension between the audience and the band. Anything may occur in the room where borders between the stage and the audience remain constantly blurred and unclear.

Since the beginning of the band in 2015 Fall From Everest attempts to capture authentic emotions and the energy of the moment in their music. With an EP and the hit video-single Hiding My Trouble behind them they appeared at the biggest czech festivals, such as Rock for People, Starák Fest or Žižkovská Noc. They’ve shared the stage with Our Hollow, Our Home (UK), Secrets (USA), Error 37 (AUS) or renowned czech scene bands The.Switch, The Truth Is Out There or Hentai Corporation.

Right after the release of a dark and very personal single Set Sail Fall From Everest embarked on an international tour joined by the Budapest band Down for Whatever. The band is currently fully focused on production of their first full-length debut album, which will push the Prague quartet into their brand new phase where genre borders are crossed and erased on daily basis.




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